FIRS (Fibre Integrated Reception Systems)


Fibre Integrated Reception Systems

IRS or FIRS systems are Coaxial or Fibre Integrated Reception Systems which are communal systems that are generally used to serve blocks of flats or offices. A single set of dishes and terrestrial aerials can serve, in theory, any number of apartments or offices.

IRS systems are based on Coaxial distribution throughout, this type of system has traditionally been the way Terrestrial and satellite signals have been distributed over a communal system to serve apartments or offices.

Trunk coaxial cables link distribution locations in risers. There is a dedicated trunk cable for terrestrial signals and generally 4 dedicated trunk cables for each required satellite so a system with terrestrial and single satellite would generally be referred to as a 5 wire system, 2 satellites would be a 9 wire system, 3 would be a 13 wire system and 4 would be a 17 wire system.

At each distribution location the trunk cables will be connected to a multis-witch unit (or number of) these are combined in the multi-switch and each output would then provide all services over a single cable.

FIRS systems can be Fibre To The Home (FTTH) which comprises Fibre optic distribution from the dishes and aerials to the services cupboard in each apartment where signals are converted back to coaxial to feed outlets or Hybrid systems where fibre signals are converted back to coaxial in risers with coaxial distribution to apartments and outlets.

Integrated Reception System Installers

The advantage of using fibre optic cabling is realised where the cabling lengths are long or apartment blocks are extremely large due to signal losses incurred.

In small apartment blocks and buildings, there is no technical advantage to using Fibre over Coaxial in small building blocks, so we would not recommend that Fibre distribution because the cost is significantly higher.

Over the past 30 years, Capital Aerials has installed many FIRS and IRS systems. We’ve been at the forefront of this technology, from the moment of their invention and through the many technological changes since. We have evolved, trained and maintained our skills in line with these developments.

Whether your requirements are larger or small (2 or 700 outlets), single & multiple satellite installations, we will be more than happy to provide help, advice, design expertise & costings.

IRS - Integrated Reception System - Tower of London

We have expertise installing Sky Q enabled, Coaxial & Fibre Optic TV/Radio/Satellite combined systems for blocks of flats & offices. We can install systems into new build properties & provide surveys and advice on upgrading existing systems.

We can provide detailed system designs to include:

All of our systems comply fully with the following legislation and specifications:

  • BS EN 60728 which covers system design, installation & performance.
  • BS EN 50117 which covers types of coaxial cabling used.
  • BS EN 60966 which covers cabling connections.
  • CAI Code of Practice for the Installation of Terrestrial & Satellite TV Reception Systems.
  • Sky Homes Specification for New Build Integrated Reception Systems.
  • Including the new Sky Q operation requirements.

All of our engineers are fully qualified for systems of this type and all hold:

  • CAI Foundation Diploma in Signal Reception.
  • Working at heights and Harness training certificates.
  • Ukata Asbestos awareness certificates.
  • Skilled CSCS Cards.
  • SMSTS or SSSTS certificates.

Health & safety is core to all operations. Please feel free to review a look at our Health & Safety section for further details.

Integrated Reception System Installers
Fibre Integrated Reception System



Over the past 30 years, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading brands, including:

Chelsea Football Club IRS TV Aerial System
Millgate Homes IRS TV Aerial System

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