Interactive Coaxial Networks (IPTV & SMATV Broadcast Systems)

30 years of IPTV Broadcast System Expertise

In hotels, to enable a coaxial base IPTV pay movie system to operate a return path type network is needed. We have specialised in this type of installation for over 30 years.

The original analogue systems used simple communications between set-top boxes; These systems have evolved through a number of equipment updates into the fully secure Digital high definition systems that are available today. These provide not only TV services but also broadband internet connectivity.

Because the systems today use various different types of digital modulation methods to achieve the required operation, the coaxial systems over which they operate must be designed and installed to very stringent technical requirements which is where our expertise, experience and technical knowledge ensure all of our clients needs are fully met.

Proven SMATV Expertise

SMATV (Single Master Antenna Television) systems enable you to supply and control the number of channels that are available on multiple televisions. They consist of single outdoor unit or antenna feeding to number of indoor rooms or TV points. It can distribute video signals, audio signals and decoder signals.

Once this type of aerial system is set up, the users can independently control the channels on their TVs with the touch of a button. This isn’t limited to TV stations either. We can also link up FM stations from around the world. This means SMATV systems are perfect for hotels, motels, dormitories, schools, hospitals and commercial properties with multiple tenants.

Many clients require channels that are not available via traditional terrestrial means;

  • Locally sourced information channels
  • Special interest
  • Foreign language
  • News and financial channels

For this requirement we can provide a Digital Multi-channel Headend, which processes the incoming source channels whether via satellite, internet or locally sourced signals and modulates them to digital COFDM standard VHF or UHF frequencies.

We can provide advice, guidance and costs on channel requirements and availability. Given our extensive knowledge we can always find a solution whatever you need.

Since Capital Aerials started over 30 years ago, we have installed SMATV systems in hotels, guest houses, apartment blocks, hospitals, schools and more. Make sure you view our projects page for more details about our work.

  • The Garden Halls Student Accommodation London
  • Magdalen Street Student accommodation Colchester

Health & safety is core to all operations we undertake take a look at our Health & safety page for further details (link to Health & safety).

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30+ years of IPTV expertise

Over the past 30 years, we have installed Interactive Coaxial Network for some of the UK’s leading brands, including:

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