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Project: Larks Hill Green, Millgate Homes

We have recently completed the installation of 3 coaxial based Integrated reception systems to 3 small blocks at this new build development in Berkshire.

Each system provides Terrestrial TV, Local FM and DAB radio channels and Sky Q operation to each apartment with facility to centrally or locally locate Sky receivers.

TV Aerial System System Overview

There is a communal distribution system installed to each block at this development which provides the following services to each apartment:

• All Digital “Freeview” TV and Radio channels locally available.

• All FM radio Channels locally available.

• All DAB radio Channels locally available

• All channels from the “Astra 2” satellite to include all “Sky” and “Freesat” satellite services.

• Sky Q operation, a D-SCR connection has been provided on the SAT2 connection in the lounge. You will need to contact Sky for this service as they will need to provide the equipment, please tell them when ringing that you are on a communal system which has been installed with Sky Q D-SCR connections.

A single set of antennae is installed on the roof with distribution switches being installed in common spaces to provide connections to each property. The system provides 4 input feeds to each apartment utility cupboard 2 coaxial cables have then been installed to each outlet socket location, the system is setup on handover to provide the following:

• Main Lounge location: All services to the socket location where a Quad socket has been installed TV/Radio/Sat1/Sat2. At this location you can connect a Sky or Freesat satellite receiver and / or connect a Digital TV or Radio tuner and scan for available channels.

• At all other locations either Quad or single sockets have been fitted to which you can connect to a digital TV or radio tuner and scan for available channels any satellite sockets will not be live at completion.






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