Communal Aerial Installed on blocks of flats

Capital Aerials awarded Safe PQQ Gold Verification

We’re happy to announce we’ve been awarded Safe PQQ Verification. Safe PQQ Verification is an extension of the SafeContractor health and safety audit which demonstrates our commitment to top quality service.

Not only does the accreditation of Safe PQQ ensure that our customers don’t have to worry if they are getting stellar service or not (you are), but it also ensures that our company abides by key environmental, ethical and financial topics that are pertinent to sustainable and ethical business practice.

In order to be awarded Safe PQQ Verification, our company needed to be up to par on the following areas:

Data protection

We will never use your data unfairly and irresponsibly. We are aware that your data is yours, and we won’t misuse any information you provide us with.

Modern slavery

We are more than happy to adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 which abolishes modern slavery in the workplace. Our employees are paid fairly and treated well.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Our anti-bribery policy protects our business from corruption in case someone that works for us or with us is exposed to bribery. Our anti-bribery policy is well constructed to meet the appropriate level of risk our company faces.


Our QMS (Quality Management System) is the way in which we manage all aspects of our business to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our QMS is built in a way that manages any weaknesses we may have and maximises our strength and opportunities. We are always striving to provide better and better services to our customers.


At Capital Aerials, we care about the environment. We believe that the efficient use of resources and the reduction and disposal of wastes is important. We do our best to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.

Equality and Diversity

We ensure that our employees are treated fairly and with respect in the workplace, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is a way of using digital technology to work with others to improve the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. We take the utmost care while working, and comply with the Government’s Construction Strategy 2016-2020.

Capital Aerials is thrilled to have received the Safe PQQ Verification which only proves to our customers that we are a reliable, trustworthy company that not only cares for the quality of service we provide to you, but for our employees and for the environment.